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1. B.Ed Registration Started 2. 1st September 2019 - Session start [2nd 3. 5th September 2019 - Teacher’s Day Celebration 4. 14 th September 2019(Hindi Day) - Hindi essay writing Competition 5. 5th October 2019 - TEACHING PRACTICE START (second year) 6. 9 th October 2019 - Telent search (first year ) 7. 25th October 2019 - Diwali Celebration 8. 1st November 2019 - Haryana Day celebration 9. 10-12 December 2019 Special Lectures on Micro Teaching 10. 29th December to 13th January 2020 Winter Vacation 11. 14th January 2020 - Lohri & Makar Sankranti Celebration 12. 24th January 2020 - Dry Flower arrangement 13. 19th February 2020 to 21th February 2020 - Nehru Yuva Kendra Programme 14 29th February 2020 - Blood Donation Camp 15 22nd March 2020 - Online Classes Started 16. 6th June 2020 - International Webinar 17. 21st June 2020 - International Yoga Day celebration
Bhartiyam College of Education
Panhera Khurd , Ballabgarh ,Faridabad  (Haryana)

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An International Webinar on "E- Learning Towards Excellence in Academics" is going to be held on 6th June, 2020
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Since initiation, our college has been endeavouring to prepare the students for the global environment. The logo itself sets the pace of our mission & stresses that “Gyan” is the route to attain immorality. This gives a direction and momentum to our mission and in turn helps us to work for the betterment of the society.
  • To impart quality education to meet the needs and challenges of Global environment.
  • To inculcate ethical and moral values among students.
  • To provide students-centred academic and personal enrichment opportunities to enhance life-long learning.
  • Provide infrastructure and facilities to support teaching and learning of highest standards.
  • To inspire the learners to acquire knowledge and skill so that they can make themselves enable to apply those tools to the benefit of the society at large.


  • To develop our college as a centre of excellence and substances of quality and standard of education.
  • To prepare competent, committed, creative and compassionate teachers for future generation.


  • Besides developing professionally committed teachers, we intended to inculcate in the students its moral, social, cultural, aesthetic and spiritual values.
  • Develop positive attitude towards teaching profession and national development.

  Message from the President

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I am humbled, honored and privileged to assume the role of President of Bhartiyam College of Education. I wish to congratulate the entire faculty and other staff for encouraging and guiding the students in all facets, for their all rounded development.
The faculty at Bhartiyam College has always been a trend setter but what has also been noteworthy is the excellent support and commitment of the non-teaching staff.
I am inspired by the commitment of members and faculty of Bhartiyam College. The achievements they have shown in last few years has motivated me to fearlessly look forward and continue my important work towards fulfilling the mission of Bhartiyam College. With their continued support, I am confident that we will be steadfast in addressing the pressing challenges, and in few years our accomplishments will be many.
So colleagues and friends, let us reflect on our shared responsibilities to our students at the grassroots’ level, and together to the wonderfully diverse ways in which we will all add our own special spark to this institution.
Wishing you all the best for achieving greater success and scaling newer heights in your education and career.
Yours truly
Gian Bhardwaj (C.A.)

  Message from the Vice President

“Do not go where the path may lead; go inside where the path may lead where there is no path and leave a trail.”  -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
Nurturing student…
Bhartiyam is a college that puts its core values into practice. We respect students’ capacity to think independently, produce quality work and maintain their part in the learning process, and expect them to do their best. They consistently rise to the occasion.
During their time at Bhartiyam, students learn the importance of questioning the status quo and wrestling with the paradoxes of life. They struggle with the process of owning their faith for themselves while becoming critical thinkers capable of evaluating evidence to inform their decisions.
Bhartiyam College students work, serve and learn together, becoming friends and colleagues who deeply care for one another. They serve others in our neighborhood, city and world. Overall, students develop the skills necessary to be life-long learners, prepared to face a rapidly changing world.
An impressive quality of Bhartiyam alumni, students, and faculty is that they don’t settle for average, or even good. They see the world a bit differently – and work to make things better. It is exciting to be at Bhartiyam – being with students, faculty and alumni whose innovative spirit, knowledge, and quest for knowledge will continue to create what does not now exist and improve the well-being of future generations.
In closing…….
Bhartiyam College is here to impart hope to our students through strong academic training, spiritual development and an authentic ethos of service to our city.
What an honor it is to serve as your vice-president in order to help sustain and expand our institution and its tremendously worthwhile endeavors. I believe great things are in store for Bhartiyam as we live out our mission, and thank you for your partnership in this essential work.

R. K. Sharma

  Message from the Principal

Welcome to Bhartiyam College of Education, a milestone of academic excellence and extra-curricular performances which have enlarge and enriched Haryana’s education map.
‘Creating better human being’ is our motto.
We can do that when we are able to mould our students to be good human beings with values which are embedded for life. We create a safe social and physical environment that helps all our students learn and this is my firm conviction that students would carry the rich values and tradition imbibed here to greater heights. Moreover discipline, which is a non-negotiable factor of a student’s life on our campus, inculcates the values of time management and punctuality. This requires tremendous self-motivation on the part of all concerned but will be fulfilling for the students as well as the faculty.
We believe – Education is more than a collection of courses. Its full value lies not just in what students learn in the classroom but also what students choose to do in the time they are on campus. If our students use this time to think big thoughts, see where their imaginations take them, try something new, seek out challenges, become inspired, argue, wonder, discuss, and ponder, then the value of their college degree will be exactly what it should be – priceless.
We aim – to provide an overall development that nurtures them towards becoming strong and focused human beings and we all have to ensure that there is no stone left unturned to equip the student of today for the challenges of life.
Our earnest Endeavour – Make better human being while foraying in the competitive life, realizing their dreams.
Students are indeed blessed to find an opportunity of being educated at one of the best colleges of Faridabad.
Bhartiyam is indeed fuelling education – and moving forward.
With best wishes and blessing for the upcoming session.
Yours truly,
Dr. Sarita Bhardwaj

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